Captain Sum Ting Wong

Captain Sum Ting Wong

The case of the dreadful crash landing of Asiana flight 214 in San Francisco has been in the news for days.

The cable news channels are under a lot of pressure to produce a constant stream of exciting new revelations, facts and turn of events. So much so that at times the quality of the story and the fact checking seems to be secondary.

A fine example is a recent story at Fox News affiliate KTVU in which the news lady announces that they have learned the names of the four pilots onboard the 777 jetliner – only to later find out that they had fallen victim to a prank.

As embarrassing (and funny) as this may be for KTVU and the poor news reading drone, it is also a result of an audience demanding more news all the time.

Yours truly, Captain Sum Ting Wong

To be continued…


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