Air Force One

Air Force One

Visibility: light haze in the evening sun
Temperature: 25°C
Equipment: VC-25A

I live in the capital city and we have a lot of international guests. The city has a lot of routine in hosting the most important leaders from all over the world but todays guest is special even for us.

POTUS is in town. His entourage has flown in a few days ago already. A fleet of menacing looking C-17s arrived at the airport carrying cars, equipment and personnel in their bellies. The arrival of Air Force One itself was more of a calm event as all other air traffic was on hold for 20 minutes or more. So the beauty from Andrews AFB had the stage to herself.

Another big difference to other state visits is the no fly zone. For two days, there is no VFR flying 30 miles around the center of the big city. That means a mandatory break for almost all of the private pilots in the area. No wonder that not everybody welcomes the leader of the free world equally warm heartedly.

I like having him in town, although being grounded sucks!

To be continued…


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