Visibility: almost unlimited
Temperature: 12°C
QNH: 1034hPa (very high pressure)
Location: EDAY
Equipment: MD3 Rider (D-MALJ)

I am very busy at work right now. I am a new father and I am getting a private pilots license (PPL). My good friend asks me how I do it. I say that flying is the reason I can do it!

I am very flexible at work which means that I am working all the time. Work and private life overlap a lot. I have a work computer and a work phone at home and I answer emails at night. This is my own choice and I am not stressed about the situation as work is my own company and I love what I do.

However, a hobby is good for me. I used to fill idle time with work as I can always find something to do. Now I have an airplane magazine in my pocket and the PPL theory training program on my computer. When I go to the airport, I switch off the mighty iPhone. I can not check email and I can not be reached.

The aircraft demands my full attention and I enjoy focusing on something not work related. It relaxes me and I am energized and in a good mood for the rest of the day.

To be continued…


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