Tail wheel endorsement

Tail wheel endorsement

My flight school has a lot going on lately. First they got a new airplane. It is another Rider MD3 but with a stronger engine and a very nice build in GPS. So this will probably be my travelling machine in the future.

Then they brought back this yellow beauty. She is one of their old trainings machines. It is a “Wild Thing”. It has many qualities but “wild” is not one of them.

The “Wild Thing” is relatively large for a Ultra Light, it is full metal and quite rugged. And it has a tail wheel configuration!

This may look like a little thing but actually it makes for very different handling on the ground. According to the flight instructor, learning to fly a tail wheel aircraft requires quite some practice. The aircraft tickles me and I think I am going to give it a try!

I have started a post in a forum, asking for advice. You can find that here (in German…). I will keep you posted how it goes!

To be continued…


(originally posted on July 30, 2011 by tilbo at aloft.blog.com/tail-wheel-endorsement/)

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