Europe on a wing strut – part 1

Europe on a wing strut – part 1

Visibility: blue sky
Temperature: 8°C
Location: Sky Fox

I’m at the aviation map shop. We have one of those – benefit of living in the Big City. I’m asking for southern France, Spain, Portugal, part of Italy, Austria and Switzerland. For good measure, I throw in the „VFR Cross Border Guide“ and yes, I will need a bag.

My flying buddy has sold his rocket ship to a flying club but he kept some flying privileges. He has been contemplating a big tour through southern Europe for a long time. Last week he called me: „You remember that trip I told you about – I’m gonna do it now! Do you want to be my co-pilot?“ „Sure, great! When did you plan to go?“ „Would Thursday work for you?“

I’m talking to The Pilots Wife. Her thinking is all focused on the solution „Babysitter – check, Grandparents – check, appointments next week – check. Can do“. She is for keeps…!

Now I’m working on the flight plans, organize safety gear like life vests and read about the regional differences – and all while eyeing the weather forecast. Keep the fingers crossed for sunshine in November!

To be continued…

Weather forecast

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