Beech Starship N8244L

Beech Starship N8244L

Visibility: more than 10k
Temperature: 2°C
Wind: 200, 5 knots
QNH: 998hPa
Location: EDAY (Strausberg)
Equipment: Beech Starship 2000A, N8244L

I stumbles across a spectacular beauty in EDAY of all places today. After a great morning of flying, I went into the main hangar to hang out and maybe do some hangar flying with the tech guy from the flight school. My eyes almost popped out when I saw a Beech Starship way back in the corner.

At first I had a hard time believing it but there was no mistake. The gentle flow of the fuselage curving into the large wings with the pusher props mounted on top of them. The high legs, the canards and the long, elegant bow – a Starship 2000A, incredible!

So what is all the excitement?

The Beech company made a very bold move when they decided to develop the starship. The first prototype flew in 1980 and it was available for customers from 1989 on. The pusher configuration, the carbon fiber fuselage and the early version of a glass cockpit made it incredibly advanced. Developed by aviation legend Burt Rutan, the design has many admirers.

Unfortunately, the starship was not exactly a success story for Beechcraft. For a variation of reasons, only 53 were ever build. Beech eventually decided to stop supporting the fleet and bought back as many of the planes as they could in order to destroy them. Today, less than ten (!) remain airworthy.

I only once saw a starship before. It was in the Evergreen Aviation museum in Oregon in 2006. And now one came to me and made my day! I need to find out what it is doing here.

To be continued…


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