Garmin D2

Garmin D2

Boys like toys. And your average pilot has a hard time resisting  a good toy. The Garmin company knows this  – there is no other explanation for the recently announced “Garmin D2 Pilot Watch”.

A traditional pilot watches has large, illuminated hands, a stop watch and excessive amounts of bravado. But the “D2″ takes the term “Pilot Watch” to a new level entirely. It is a whole portable avionics suite with a wrist strap!

It features a bunch of useful functions. A barometric altimeter, a compass, various timers and – of course – GPS with moving map, airport directory and “nearest” feature. Basically everything you need to navigate after all other navigation aides in your airplane stopped working. And it even tells the time.

Discussing the usefulness of toys is always tricky and at times a bit unfair. But the “must have factor” for the average airplane geek is definitely high. And it will be available in time for Christmas, in case you are still looking for something for that special pilot in your life!

To be continued…

Garmin D2 pilot watch (Picture The Garmin Company)


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